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It is true that watching pornographic videos evokes an entirely different feeling in itself. However, if it is video from amateur, the feeling of pleasure is even more felt. Knowing that these people share their fuck scenes without being paid is very exciting. Moreover, watching this kind of video on the internet can encourage anyone to share their own exploits in terms of sex as well.

The amateur porn pleasure

Unlike sex videos turned by experienced producers and extras actors and actresses, amateur porn offers an entirely different feeling of pleasure. The difference with these two types of porn is that the former is a staging often change, and the other a totally concrete reality. The home made porn videos shot by amateurs are more exciting. First of all, it is quite normal to get excited knowing that the fucking part that is facing you is a reality. Moreover, in certain circumstances putting scenes of sexual activities relatively painful, one can perfectly see the pain in the extras, especially during a sodomy. Yet, in men, the pain in the face of a woman invokes a sensation of particular pleasure, especially for the adepts of domination.

Where to find amateur porn videos?

It is very easy to find homemade amateur videos. Many websites specializing in porn offer only amateur video catalogs. Moreover, all categories in porn are all visible in these sites. One of the favorite amateur porn enthusiasts is the public sex category. In this category, extras are exhibited in public places to fuck or engage in sex-related activities. Some women go so far as to masturbate in the street, while people pass all around. In most cases, they put on skirts, but they do not put anything inside. They leave their pussy to the passers-by just to taste a different kind of pleasure, and excite the viewers at the same time.

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